Bhimal Basket Small


This product is ideal for use in traditional Indian rooms. You can store your pooja accessories and other materials in this Handicraft Small basket. This product is 100% natural, environment friendly and biodegradable. This product is exclusively made by the women beneficiaries of self-help groups formed by Bhartiya Gramotthan Sanstha in Rishikesh and nearby areas.

Product Specialty or feature
Color: Natural Beige + purple
Material use : Local Bheemal fiber
Size / shape : Available in all Sizes


Environment Friendly
100% biodegradable
Natural, no color
By buying our products you can help the livelihood of local women of Uttarakhand.

We at Yellow Hills have created these unique product from the Bhimal tree which are not just environmentally friendly but also 100% biodegradable. These Bhimal Handicrafts Bag are super comfortable and affordable too. By buying our products you are not only doing a good deed for nature but also supporting the livelihoods of local women of Uttarakhand. We are bringing together the community of so-called ‘housewives’ to dive into a creative endure. We want our Women to realize they are more than they give themselves credit for, they are loved and they are special. Join our little venture and help us attain our aim to encourage people to live a healthier and better life.

Legal Disclaimer:
All items are hand made by village craftsmen (SHG Group) using Bhimal Fiber. Village craftsmen make their own handicraft product, so don’t compare handmade stuff with machine or other source.

The organization has provided trainings to the women beneficiaries in making handicraft products with the local raw material available in the villages. The local raw material includes bheemal and nettle fiber. These fibers are available abundantly in the forests and in the vicinity of the villages. The women have been taught to make slippers, curtains, footmats, tablemats etc out of these local and natural fibers.

The organization is also associated with National Jute Board, Kolkata. The NJB had provided jute based trainings to the women beneficiaries which include jute bags, shopping bags, file folders and other utility products.